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White Fillings

A simple way to improve your smile

Tooth coloured repairs that are almost invisible
Can replace old silver fillings
Allow more of the natural tooth to be saved

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At Anna House we are pleased to offer high-quality, affordable White Fillings that are discreetly coloured to match your natural tooth shade. If you have a new cavity, or would just like to improve your smile by replacing existing metal fillings, our highly skilled and experienced team would be more than happy to help get you smiling with confidence again.


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Metal amalgam fillings have been effectively used to repair tooth cavities for many years. Though strong and long-lasting, their silver colouration makes them very easy to notice when the mouth is open and can leave people feeling self-conscious when talking or laughing.

White Fillings are a much more discreet alternative as they are made from a special composite material that can be coloured to match your teeth – making them almost invisible to others. We offer both metal and tooth-coloured fillings and your dentist will be happy to discuss the options with you.

We aim to make our treatment prices are as competitive as possible compared to other London dentists. Our prices for White Fillings are from £100 to £340. The exact price varies depending on the individual case and your dentist will advise you of costs before carrying out any treatment.

Bring back your smile confidence with White Fillings

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