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Cosmetic Bonding

Great looking repairs for damaged teeth

Quick, convenient and inexpensive treatment
Non-invasive procedure requiring little or no preparation
Allow more of the natural tooth to be saved

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Cosmetic Bonding in tottenham

Cosmetic (composite) bonding is used to repair chipped, fractured or decayed teeth and is a quick, simple and affordable way to improve the look of your smile. 

We have a friendly team of experienced dentists and support staff who will be more than
happy to help get your damaged teeth back in shape and looking great.

Our highly skilled composite bonding team in Tottenham is led by our two principal dentists Dr Morteza Jaffari (GDC No. 72486) and Dr Tara Almotahari (GDC No. 81882) who have over 40 years combined dentistry experience.

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Do you have chipped or damaged teeth?

Although the outer enamel surface of teeth is very strong and durable, it can be occasionally be damaged by accident or as a
result of decay. Some teeth can also look naturally less attractive due to an irregularity in shape or length.

The simplest way to correct these issues is with cosmetic bonding. The treatment is very popular due to its relatively low cost
and the fact that the material used is coloured to blend in with the natural tooth.

The dentist is able to complete the majority of cases in a single appointment, attractively shaping the repair in the mouth before hardening it under UV light for the final result.

Cosmetic Bonding Prices

To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our treatment prices are as competitive as possible compared to other dentists around Tottenham. 

Our prices for cosmetic bonding are from £300 to £500. The exact price varies depending on the individual case and your dentist will advise you of costs before carrying out any treatment.

Great looking, affordable repairs with Cosmetic Bonding

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