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Children’s Dentistry

Looking after young teeth and gums

Caring, child-friendly dentists and staff
Establishes good routine and positive experience
Regular monitoring to prevent problems developing

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Children's Dentistry

Build solid foundations for your child’s future by getting their oral health off to a great start at Anna House. Our caring team are highly skilled at looking after young teeth and gums and offer a high level of care at competitive prices. We are also able to show children how to brush their teeth properly and encourage them to form good habits and routine.

Childrens Dental Check ups

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Looking after young teeth and gums

We advise that children are brought to the practice for regular check-ups from an early age. The official guidance is that a baby should be registered with a dentist within the first six months after birth (after which point the first teeth typically start to come through). On-going appointments allow the dentist to monitor progress and take swift action if any issues develop.

It is common for children to be anxious about visiting the dentist and this fear can stay with them into adult life.
Positive early experiences can go a long way to avoid this. Familiarising young children with the dental practice environment will enable them to feel more comfortable and confident within it at a later stage.

We aim to make our treatment prices are as competitive as possible compared to other London dentists. Our prices for Children’s Hygiene Appointments are from £40. If treatment is required then your dentist will give a you a clear outline of costs before proceeding.

Building solid foundations for your child’s future

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