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Teeth Whitening

Turn heads with a brighter, whiter smile

Stunning results using high quality branded products
At Home and In Chair/Surgery options
Reliable, long-lasting and proven treatment

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Teeth Whitening in Tottenham

If you’re looking for stunning, long lasting and affordable teeth whitening in Tottenham, our friendly and experienced team can help.

Our highly skilled teeth whitening team is led by our two principal dentists Dr Morteza Jaffari (GDC No. 72486) and Dr Tara Almotahari (GDC No. 81882) who have over 40 years combined dentistry experience.

Give your appearance and confidence a great boost with our superb teeth whitening treatments. We offer highly effective
whitening using the trusted Enlighten, Zoom and Pola brands.

All of our treatments are safe and competitively priced and our experienced dentists will expertly guide you through the process.

A beautiful, white smile is closer than you think.

For more information on Teeth Whitening, or to book a consultation, please call one of our reception lines or fill in our online enquiry form

Do you have stained or yellowed teeth?

Discolouration of teeth is very common. Although they can yellow or darken naturally over time, lifestyle factors and how well
you look after our oral health can also have a significant impact to accelerate and compound the process.

Thankfully help is at hand at Anna House. We can revitalise your smile with our superb teeth whitening options.

Whitening treatments are now more reliable and effective than ever and are a great way to get yourself looking your best,
particularly if you have an important event coming up.

Our Enlighten and Zoom treatments are carried out both at the practice and at home – and we also offer the Pola treatment for home whitening.

Teeth whitening prices

We aim to make sure our whitening prices are as competitive as possible compared to other cosmetic dentists around Tottenham.

Our prices for teeth whitening are from £300 to £550.

The exact price varies depending on the product and type of treatment used and your dentist will advise you of the benefits and costs of each option.

Let your true smile shine through with Teeth Whitening

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